Day #0

Today I start my mini blog series where I commit to writing, for the next 365 days. I have always noticed in me, yet less often have put into practice, a tendency to meet external expectations. What better motivation then than a public commitment.

The main reason I have started this is to bring some more discipline and focus into the personal aspect of my life. Like a child wavering between candies, I have wavered too long with my hobbies, granting each a cursory glance now and then – I am involved in a weekend band, I read non-work items occasionally, I write haikus every now and then, I scribble my thoughts down when I feel like it. While it is perfectly fun and fine to be that way and indulge all, I somehow feel like I want to be more serious about one of them at least and, for my own satisfaction, want to have some sort of finish line with a ribbon I can break through. 

Writing being the most convenient by far (not the ideal way to choose, but hey, there is none) I decided to say “You’re it”. I plan on writing almost anything – mostly it would be mundane thoughts, inane comparisons connecting random events, poems, and even articles I feel are worth sharing along with my views/notes, and who knows what else. 

Hope you enjoy the ride as much!


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Writing - Poetry. Movies - The classics. Books - Non-fiction. Music - Everything Calliphonous. When not slumming it out at the 9-to-5, you can often find me nose-deep in a book, hanging out with friends, strumming a rhythm, learning new activities, getting over a fear or two, stuffing my face, travelling, or simply doing whatever piques my curios.. "Squirrel!"

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