Day #5

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Taking a breather from the Russia trip exposition for a day; a bit tied up. This is another thought which crossed my mind recently:

Well, I don’t know how it goes elsewhere, but at least here in Mumbai, male “grooming” (I am being generous here) is waaaaay cheaper than that for females. Don’t get me wrong guys, if you ain’t a miser, you shall have plenty of opportunity to burn your cash on haircuts, but I am the kind of guy who always takes the high (stingy) road.

Females, on the other hand, (I am guessing) allocate more of their capital to “personal care”. So I present to you Exhibit 1. Tell me if you spot the difference!

Exhibit 1

Fun to be a guy here – value for money! Admittedly, the 50 bucks doesn’t really solve that “ugly” problem. *sigh*


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