Day #15

This is a part of a mini-series of independent posts, starting here

With worry in her eyes,

‘I haven’t given you permission to leave..’

With duty in his voice,

‘With respect, Your Grace, I don’t need your permission. I am a king (silence). And I came here, knowing that you could have your men behead me or your dragons burn me alive. I put my trust in you – a stranger. Because I knew it was the best chance for my people; for all our people. Now I’m asking you, to trust in a stranger. Because it’s our best chance’

Is this one of the finest love letters of medieval times, or what? (*.*)


Day #9

This is a part of a mini-series of independent posts, starting here

Thought i’d try a couple haikus after what feels like ages!

Heavy with dew
Fresh with a purpose
The sun rains a storm

Star-lit moon eyes
Dotted birds of metal
Hovering clouds


I liked the feelings you evoked
In a heart kept cold
Lest it warmed up enough
To be sliced in two.

But the warmth was worth it
The thawing was bliss
The magic of love flowed
To a place where it was sorely missed

And the feelings you let me
Gather up in my treasure chest
Those memories of happiness
Those memories of love

Shall stay forever
And forever, shall stay
Buried in my heart
For someone to unearth.

10 minutes – Vol 2

Hello, this is the second installment in a series I hope will persist *Fingers crossed*. It’s supposed to be random 10 minute thought experiments about a topic which currently (and by currently, I mean the current moment plus-minus 15 minutes) plagues that biggish thing up-top. ‘Ere goes –

Beauty is so subjective.

Some time back, I chanced upon a music video online, where the beauty of the singer didn’t strike me in particular at the outset. But as the lyrics flowed, without another look at the person throughout the song, I had a changed view of the woman. The innocence in her words added a beauty to her whole persona that I didn’t know existed, till the feelings seeped through the musical fabric. It made me wonder, then, do I like “innocent” women? (to put it very crudely)

The query answered itself in a minute, albeit negatively. It wasn’t the innocence per se, but rather, the association of a characteristic so strongly and beautifully expressed that enhanced the original view. If, say, it was a woman singing about mature sexual themes, some other sense of beauty would have definitely sprung up. To test the theory, I resorted to certain means and let’s just take my word for it as I solemnly swear that the theory has been irrevocably QEDed.

Beauty’s quite amazing. Not just because it is in the eyes of the beholder, but also because of a pleasant lack of knowledge on our parts, about what all events/characteristics might actually change the way we see it in surprising ways. Every little turn on the road could be a factor to alter the beauty of the beholdee. Beauty ages like fine wine, then, maturing into something that transcends a mere tri-dimensional view of a person. Another reason for long and happy marriages, perhaps?